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Every purchase you make, every account you open, every bill you pay will in some way or another affect your credit rating. Consumers must guard their credit ratings with extreme care and caution. The simplest of errors in a credit report could adversely affect a consumer's credit score. But repairing that error can be anything but simple. For this reasons, consumers who are seeking credit rating help often seek out the help of a third-party credit repair specialist. At, you can receive the assistance of a credit-repair expert in contacting the credit bureaus, fixing any errors, and returning your credit score to its proper place.

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Why it's important

Credit scores affect nearly every part of your life as a consumer. The type of mortgage you receive, the interest rate on your auto loan, and whether or not you have a high limit on your credit card are all related to your credit score. So imagine what could happen to your ability to borrow money if an error appeared in your credit report. Whether you are the victim of an identity theft, or just an unfortunate consequence of a clerical error, a mistake in your credit report can hurt your ability to get a loan, and can ruin the credit rating you've spent a lifetime achieving.

How to fix it

If you spot any error in your credit report, be sure to come up with documentation to prove that it is, in fact, an error. The credit bureaus are responsible for maintaining accurate information on file, but the process for repairing an error can take a lot of time and effort. This is one of the reasons that consumers turn to third-party credit repair agencies. These professionals have established relationships with all of the credit reporting agencies and work on behalf of consumers to fix errors and repair scores. This process usually involves less red tape and frustration, which is particularly rewarding when you're trying to get a mortgage or other type of loan.

Be responsible

Spotting an error in your credit report can be frightening, but vigilant consumers find that the process of fixing the error isn't nearly as stressful. To protect yourself and your credit rating, be sure to follow these steps: